Thanks for visiting The Kevin Harpold Foundation. We are a non profit, established in 2011, based out of Indianapolis. Our Mission is to educate others about drug addiction and provide resources clients need. Our foundation focuses on assisting drug addicts to gain entrance into a drug treatment program. We educate the community on drug prevention and the dangers of drugs. Our plan is to present to schools, churches, hospitals, health professionals, legal system and other organizations that request our services. Our presentations include true testimonials including the death of my Son to heroin. I am a grieving mother who lost her son to drug addiction in November of 2008. My son struggled with prescription drugs for two years before being introduced to heroin which took his life. I want to share his story to help others.

Welcome to the Kevin Harpold Foundation

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Kevin’s Story

I was born on the fourteenth of May 1977 to Steve and Vickie Harpold. I had a three year old brother named Todd. We lived in a middle class neighborhood. My father worked in retail and my Mom was a stayed at home Mom. She fixed the meals, cleaned the house and entertained us while Dad was working. When I was around three we did things like going to the park, having a back yard picnic, and taking long walks. I loved playing with neighborhood kids and games with my brother. I had a special Birthday every year, my parents would buy cake and ice cream. We would invite family and friends to celebrate and I always seemed to get more than enough presents. I know everyone loved me. My parents taught me to ride my bike and my mom taught me to swim. Life was good. Others told me that I had a contagious smile. I loved to do nice things for people because it made me feel good. I made things for Mom on Mother’s Day and Dad on Father’s Day! I helped with household chores but loved to garden with my Dad. I was adventurous, one day I brought my mom a dead mouse, which made her scream! I did not understand why she was screaming so I joined and started screaming too! I love to climb fences and that sometimes got me in trouble. One day, I was doing chin ups on our kitchen counter unfortunately I cut my chin and made an emergency trip to the hospital for seven stitches. I quit climbing after that! I found joy in picking flowers from the yard for Mom. By the time I was five years old I was attending a Christian School. My Mom went back to school to become a Nurse. Maybe it was all the stitches, falls, scrapes and bruises! My Mom completed Nursing School in 1986. I was nine years old. Life was still good.

I went through Junior High without incident. My family took us on many camping trips and canoeing trips. We visited the state parks, museums, baseball games, the circus, went horse back riding and had multiple family gatherings. I loved the holidays but my favorite was Christmas. I love the lights, the decorations and the love in the air. I took my first of many plane trips when I was ten. I went to see my Uncle in California with my Mom and Grandma. I had my first job at fourteen working in an ice cream shop. I sang in the school choir.

I paid for my own car but it was an older car. My friends and I always liked to go to the haunted houses around Halloween. I looked really sharp at the junior prom. I loved high school and all my friends. I was in the Ben Davis 1996 Graduating Class. I was now employed full time. I love to work and one year later moved into my very own apartment. I bought a new truck without a co-signer. I was responsible and ready for this thing called adulthood. Life was great! I bought my first house at the age of twenty-two. The same year I ended a two year relationship. The second relationship started two years later and lasted three years.   I wanted to be married and have children but that did not seem to be in my future. I was very much depressed.

Life was not looking good. I started self medicating my migraines. I did not go to the doctor but bought drugs from the street. It was just easier but before long I was addicted to these pills. I continued abusing prescription pills for two years before saying yes to heroin. It destroyed my life! I used heroin for two years and began stealing , being dishonest and feeling extremely depressed.  I cried out to God asking him to take over. I prayed that he would not let me down. At age thirty one heroin took my life. I was at my parents house and went to the bathroom to inject. I had an allergic reaction . I immediately went into cardiac and respiratory arrest. My mom started CPR, when the ambulance arrived I was transported to the hospital. I was in Intensive Care for six weeks on life support with Mom and Dad by my side. I was visited by a lot of family and friends. On the 11th of November 2008, my life support was discontinued. None of the drug dealers or users attended my funeral but I did have over four hundred people attend. I was loved by many and I loved many. I never thought I would grow up to be an addict. I said yes to drugs and it destroyed my life. I was always against drugs. Drugs have no boundaries, it took me and it can take you. I really really wanted to quit but the grasp of these drugs were stronger than me.


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